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Bow-Tie Medical Consulting is a professional consulting firm assisting medical lab testing facilities to ensure CLIA compliance for CLIA-waived and non-waived laboratory testing with an extensive focus on good laboratory practices. Bowtie Medical Consultants are seasoned professional clinical lab scientists with expertise and practical knowledge in the clinical laboratory field. A choice for Bowtie Medical Consultants is a choice not only for our services, but the experience that our team is able to bring into the mix. With more than 15 years experience, we fully understand the legal requirements and regulations applicable to the Physician’s Office Laboratories. To learn more about Bow-Tie Medical Consulting, please visit:


By creating cultures and environments of collaboration, VIA continues to stand out as a thought leader and creative technology innovator. We realize that only in this kind of environment can true innovation actually occur. This is why we are bold in our execution and confident in our ability to produce new efficiencies that help you grow, make better decisions and increase profitability. At the core of VIA’s philosophy is our unique ability to create an environment and culture of collaboration. It is the reason why we have been successful over the years in building strategic relationships that stand the test of time. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the most valuable resources, the very people who created technology, are the first priority. To learn more about VIA Consulting, please visit:


W.E. Innovate Solutions operates both as an idea laboratory that generates and validates new product concepts, and as a new venture factory that works with clients to help them build sustainable businesses. We are a braintrust of left-brain and right-brain product thinkers and problem solvers. Our cerebral energy emanates from merging the perspectives of user-centric and design-driven innovators with the creative adaption of Lean Startup principles and methodology. To learn more about We Innovate Solutions, visit:

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