OnTarget Consulting Services, LLC

"We help our customers plan-out problems appropriately and execute solutions consistently". SM.


Our Verification Services include the following:

  • Requirements Verification – We confirm that the software and interface requirement specifications are consistent with system requirements in a way that is unambiguous, complete, testable (verifiable) and traceable.
  • Design Verification – We review the interfaces between hardware and software for appropriateness.
  • Software Test Verification – We review the Software Test Plan for effective test coverage by examining traceability tables and software requirements design artifacts.
  • Implementation Verification – We review the design to confirm that it represents what will be implemented. We also verify that approved standards and practices are followed for coding, documentation, naming and data dictionary terms.
  • Application Verification – We verify the continuity of software test plans and software test descriptions.
  • Process Validation – We confirm that client standards and industry best practices are employed.

Our Validation Services include the following:

  • Validating that the final product satisfies all requirements as documented.
  • Validating that the system performs to expectation.