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This company will build its success based on a solid set of principles. These principles are the basis of our success and likewise form the foundation of our ability to deliver a quality experience through the delivery of our products and services. The success of OnTarget is fortified by the following eight principles:

1. Energy - We strive to focus on getting the maximum value for our clients.

2. Economy - We manage all of our resources carefully.

3. Integrity - We behave following ethical principles and act in good faith, with intellectual honesty and fairness.

4. System - We deliver customer value through proven systematic approaches.

5. Sympathy - We work to understand your needs so that we can build unique solutions to solve specific problems.

6. Sincerity - We handle all financial transitions with honesty, impartiality, and accuracy.

7. Impartiality - We act fairly and equitably in all dealings with people and all business operations.

8. Self-Reliance - We have sufficient capital to have adequate resilience in the face of negative economic shocks with lower intensity and shorter duration.

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