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Approved Testimonials

"Super-efficient" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about James! I had the pleasure of working with James over the last year at Southern Company, collaborating on several project teams. His enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize his project staff. He is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying key issues and developing strategic plans to keep his projects on schedule. James is also very calm and collected under pressure. He has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills. I was particularly impressed by his ability to quickly understand the client's business needs and translate them into clear, concise requirements, a skill that often takes years to develop among customer service professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly natural to James. As a team member or Project Manager, James has earned my highest recommendation and I am confident that he would be a huge asset to any team.Quotes

Percy Coleman

Senior Market Strategist, Alabama Power Company

Enjoyed working with James as a fellow PM and then as a coworker to deliver solutions to internal and external customers. James is a true leader and was able to take projects that were running off track to address issues and successfully implement. James has a calm demeanor and get leaders and other teammates to back him and get decisions quickly. I have requested James to serve as PM on several projects.Quotes

Lorraine (Hugghins) Eaton

Technology Planning Analyst, Southern Company

I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to partner with James to launch one of Georgia Power's newest, innovative products that engages customers beyond the meter. James was responsible for leading the Technology work stream, including defining requirements, building operations solutions, and working closely with the vendor to develop reporting and a customer profile database. James did a phenomenal job. I highly recommend him to work in any capacity related to his expertise outlined. He has a proven record of delivering results and meeting critical timelines. It was James' leadership and commitment that helped drive a successful product launch in April 2019, which was done ahead of schedule. Kudos James! Appreciate all of your dedication and support while on our project team.Quotes

Mae Rogers

Residential Marketing, Product Manager at Georgia Power Company

James was the Project manager at Nextel International, a client of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. I was the team lead and reported directly to James. He was a servant-leader, always ready to do what was needed to support his team members and ensure that the project was completed on time and above the client's expectations. I have found James to be a complete professional in terms of technical and interpersonal competencies. I have the highest degree of respect for him because of his exemplary integrity.Quotes

Greg Burnett

Senior Research Analyst/Project Manager, Porter Research

I had the honor of hiring James as a Program Director for the Office of Health Information Technology and Transparency. James led several projects for the Office including a large multi-agency Prescription Exchange project and the Medicaid HIE/EHR project. Both projects were extremely complex and required a program director that was capable of working with large cross-functional teams. James brought out the best in his team. He is professional, gracious, honest, hardworking, and intelligent. He is able to build effective working relationships built on trust and execution. I have enjoyed working with James, he is an exceptional person.

Renea Steele

Senior Manager, Cambria Solutions

I worked with James on a critical Y2K project in Bogota, Colombia in 1999. In one of the most intense, challenging, and difficult environments, and with the "natural" time constraints of the project. James did a superb job managing the people under him, the customer, and the support group back in headquarters. I felt his professionalism, intelligence, and overall integrity were key factors in the success of such a project.

German Paez

Channel and Client Success Director,Telintel

James was responsible for the operations of a Telecommunications account with Cap Gemini. I was the Human Resources Manager for a different group of business and technical consultants. Some of my technical consultants worked for James on his account, and he and I spoke regularly about the performance of the consultants. At the end of the project, my consultants felt that James was an excellent manager, especially for his motivational, communications, and teaching skills. They also learned much from James on how to provide excellent customer service to clients.

Howard Arden

Senior Recruiter, DomPatCi Management Solutions

James was the Project Manager at Nextel International, a client of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. I was the team lead and reported directly to James. He was a servant-leader, always ready to do what was needed to support his team members and ensure that the project was completed on time and above the client's expectations. I have found James to be a complete professional in terms of technical and interpersonal competencies. I have the highest degree of respect for him because of his exemplary integrity.

Greg Burnett

Senior Research Analyst/Project Manager, Porter Research

James is an excellent Program Manager. During my time working with James he raised awareness of the need for program management and mentored others often on how to implement. James worked with the State Accounting Office and completed a high profile Fleet Management project. He was able to work under extreme scrutiny and delivery in a tight time frame. I would recommend, hire and work with James again.Quotes

Kristia Elia, PhD, PMP®, ITIL®

System Director at Governor's Office of Student Achievement

QuotesJames brought me into the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) as a Project Administrator in the middle a very confusing and disorganized collection of projects that he himself had just engaged with. James faced considerable resistance from leadership in various organizations on the goal of getting all the state departments on the same page. If James couldn't get everyone on the same page, it was very doubtful that we could implement the solution in even one segment of the Program. With James leadership, I was able to start contributing on a large scale within a month, and in 3 months, James had every organization involved with the program up to speed and involved. James quiet but strong and steady leadership forced the players in the program to pay attention, and participate. He accomplished this with innovative communication methods that allowed for key people in different roles to work together, share information, and coordinate their efforts.Quotes

Richard Salas, PMP®

Co-Location, Manager AT&T Towers

QuotesJames is very detailed-oriented and has a great hands off approach to partnership and management. James' keen ability to balance management and partnership lines greatly adds to good communication and enhances focus on the project scope and end deliverables.Quotes

Chad Carter, MS

Project Manager, Mellon Media Consulting, LLC

James is a very knowledgeable Healthcare IT professional. James has experience implementing Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), remediation of MMIS systems to accommodate HIPAA 5010 transaction and code set changes and the World Health Organization's upgrade of the International Classification of Diseases from the 9th to the 10th revision. James prepared presentations and conducted several communication sessions with Healthcare organizations to explain the changes that were required for 5010 and ICD-10. James has great interpersonal skills a well-rounded understanding of Healthcare IT and would be asset to any company that engaged him to help with with Healthcare IT projects.Quotes

Sonny Munter

Chief Information Office, Georgia Department of Community Health

QuotesJames Truesdale was very efficient in his role as Program Director for the ICD-10 System Remediation Project. James's knowledge of ICD-10 and project management skills helped to launch a successful provider outreach campaign to the GA providers to make them aware of the transition from ICD-09 to ICD-10. James's dedication to the project and leadership was demonstrated throughout his time at Georgia Department of Community Health. James is a true mentor to those who are just getting started in project management. I have learned a lot and gained much knowledge through James Truesdale by working with him on the ICD-10 System Remediation Project.Quotes

Michael Shilesky, MBA, CAPM®

Associate Project Manager, GA Department of Community Health

James is a consummate professional and team player. He is very knowledgeable on a variety of Health Care IT topics and consistently delivers high quality, high impact work to us. There are certain people that have a practical and common sense approach to solving complex business problems and James Truesdale is certainly one that possesses this talent. He is the first name on many Go-To lists given he's highly respected in his field of expertise for both his applicable knowledge buttressed by an unsurpassed depth of practical experience. He has my utmost respect. As Senior Staff member with our organization, I seek and value James' input.Quotes

Perry Sims, MPA, PMP®

Chief Information Office, Georgia Department of Public Health

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